Attendee Testimonials...

Terrific speakers, engaged audience, and relevant topics!

- Michelle Aboud, Manager - Digital Marketing , The Gazette

Outstanding day – Outstanding information!

- Sue Robbins , CMO, RRi

The Art of Marketing had an excellent line-up of speakers. I was engaged the whole time and got a lot of personal value from the material presented today. I would further recommend this event.

- Purple Bean Media

One of the most valuable days I’ve spent in a long time!

- Bob Weeks, Editor, ScoreGolf

The Art of Marketing was a fantastic presentation of excellence in marketing. Informative and well structured, I will value the information I absorbed and debate the thought-provoking questions left at the end of the day.

- Hunter & Shaye

Outstanding event - First class speakers and usable content!

- Lisa Borg, Director of Marketing, Slimband

Excellent value with strong content for me to adopt at our organization. Would 100% come again.

OMG, I’m now so plugged into where marketing is now and where it’s going. Thanks a ton!

- Tony Johnston, President, Compass North Inc.

Fascinating speakers and presentations, worth every dollar. I came all the way from Trinidad in the Caribbean and learned to be an artist and genius (according to Seth Godin).

- Liliana Ragbir, Director Client Services, Pepper Advertising

The Art of Marketing was an event filled with inspirational speakers and ideas. Some of the industry’s top talent showed their secrets of success and visions for the future, INVALUABLE!

- BNI Forest City

Insightful, relevant and interesting learnings from the change leaders and thought makers. Great selection of speakers and cultural observers!

- Elizabeth Wetzel, Director Advertising Sales, Lavalife

Very useful and productive day. Found it far superior to ‘Power Within’. Great speakers with excellent insights for businesses.

- Natalya Nicholson, President, Barker Wealth

I am sorry that more of our staff could not attend, this was a must see, must attend event!

- Kathryn Bohnet, Marketing Manager, Travel Alberta

Awesome & Informative! Opened my eyes to new trends, ideas and most importantly how to implement them. THANK YOU!!!

- Ike Janacek, AGM, Sutton Place Hotel

Passion is what sets The Art of Marketing apart from other conferences and events. The passion these speakers exhibit and exude takes the event to the next level – from informative to inspiring!

- Jade Gulash, Marketing & Communications Consultant, Health Quality Council

Incredible line-up of speakers. I’ve never been to such an amazing conference.

- Marc Binkley, Account Manager, Rogers

Conference was great. Fantastic insights and learning in an energetic and enticing way.

- Jamie Poterfield, Marketing Coordinator, West Edmonton Mall

A tremendous opportunity to take a one day snap shot of great ides in the areas of marketing, corporate and personal development!

- Dean McIntosh, Director Marketing, Hockey Canada

It is SO important to bring these minds, these discussions and the possibilities to the Calgary market. Please, please, please come back!

- Brand & Communications Director, Critical Mass

Amazing! Outstanding day! Highly inspirational, I learned more in one day at this event than my two years of marketing training.

- Matthew Zoeteman, Project Manager, Holt & Vargo

Great to see an event of this calibre in Calgary! Insightful group of speakers that really has the wheels turning in my head.

- Laura Brick, Marketing Manager, Energy Navigator

Outstanding reminder of why I am a marketer (and proud of it)!

- Jessie Cayabo, Communications Manager, Chinook Centre

Thank you! This is not my area of expertise, but one I need to know as a senior manager of my area. I learned and I was challenged in my thinking. A great day!

- Lisa Pittet, Senior Manager, MacEwan Centre for Sport & Wellness

Is this conference going to Vancouver? It was an excellent day well worth the time and money. I would love for my entire team to be able to attend.

- Katherine Loughlin, Manager Market Development, Alberta Milk

Congratulations on producing an outstanding event. It was a great learning and thought provoking experience!

- urBasics - FtM packer for Trans

Thank you for bringing such a potent mix of marketing knowledge to us and presenting it in such an easily absorbed way! I ‘m taking so much away from today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

- Vicki Allen, Publisher, Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

Fantastic! EVERYONE who markets MUST go.

- Mark Soloway, Marketing Manager, Sangsters

Event was extremely well done. It was executed successfully online and on Twitter. Audience was engaged and speakers were refreshing. The knowledge gained was well worth the money.

- Jillian Walker, Healthy Workplace Coordinator, City of Calgary

All the speakers were extremely innovative and experienced in their fields. They presented new ideas in a way that emotionally and intellectually stimulated the audience... Great choice of speakers!

- Alexandra Margulescu, Concordia University

Great conference... Montreal needs more great conferences!

- Liseanne Gillham, Sr. Marketing Manger, Autodesk

Excellent & Invigorating... Lit a fire under my ass!

- Marc Fares, General Manager, Digital, Aeroplan

The conference was inspiring - as a small business owner with a big visiion, it helps to have great speakers validate your fears, applaud your risks and give incentive to be even more creative. Thank you!

- Annabelle Agnew, Owner, Emeline & Annabelle: Atelier Couture Cafe

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