Guy Kawasaki

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Creativity & Innovation

New York Times Bestselling Author, The Art of Start & Reality Check

  • How to create new products and services by calling upon Guy’s experience with Apple, as well as his study of dozens of world-class companies
  • From competition to customer service, innovation to marketing, learn how to ignore fads and foolishness while sticking to commonsense practices
  • How to influence what people will do while maintaining the highest standards of ethics
  • The pillars of enchantment: likability, trustworthiness, and a great cause
  • How to design a blueprint for competing with other organizations for customer attention, dollars, loyalty and effectively defeat competition
  • How to position, pitch, brand, evangelize, build a team, and raise internal or external capital

Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up company or a seasoned corporate executive, you will find Guy’s business strategies right on the mark. Our top dealers were so impressed with Guy’s presentation that we asked him back for a second session.

- Nancy Ellis , Audi of America

Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Brand Strategy & Growth

Former CMO, Eastman Kodak Company & Bestselling Author, The Mirror Test

  • How to give your business the mirror test - is your company really breathing?
  • How to thoughtfully yet aggressively evaluate, deconstruct, and then reconstruct your business
  • How you and your company must adapt...or die
  • Why the bottom line of your business really is… your bottom line; and why you have to focus on it
  • Why you need a 118: The new elevator pitch
  • What to ask before jumping off on any new initiative or project
  • Take the plunge and find out how social media can help you grow your business

Hayzlett is a born leader, and understands what it takes to adapt and survive in the ever-changing business climate we live in. THE MIRROR TEST is a testament to what it takes to be a survivor, and thrive.

- Mark Burnett , Emmy Award Winning Television Producer,

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Social Media & Word of Mouth Marketing

New York Times Bestselling Author, Crush It!

  • Why storytelling is the most important business concept in the current marketplace
  • Why Twitter and Facebook are just tools and not a social media strategy
  • How to take advantage of the half-billion dollars in advertising that are moving to the internet
  • Why transparency and being true to yourself are now winning marketing formulas
  • How to build and maintain an online community around your passion and brand strategies for turning eyeballs into money
  • Why the legacy element of the internet era is so underrated
  • How to beat unemployment and create wealth-building opportunities by building and maintaining a personal brand

Gary is a force of nature. His authentic, raw passion and caring touches everyone. His insights into social media & his message of opportunity could not be more timely.

- Tony Robbins

Dr. Sheena Iyengar

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Consumer Behaviour & the Psychology of Choice

Columbia University Business Professor & Bestselling Author, The Art of Choosing

  • In an increasingly crowded and complex marketplace… How & why does your business stand out
  • How do different people make decisions
  • How can you use this knowledge to improve your business, your standing in business or your company’s position in the business world
  • Is managing your business, or your life, or your choices, really about more? Or has “more” become part of our problem
  • The decision process, and the myriad influences that dictate everything from purchasing choices to career moves
  • How advertising manipulates us through the illusion of choice

No one asks better questions, or comes up with more intriguing answers.

- Malcolm Gladwell , New York Times Bestselling Author,

Avinash Kaushik

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Brand Measurement: Metrics & Analytics

New York Times Bestselling Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour a Day

  • How to become more data driven when it comes to your online marketing
  • How to take the guessing out of what creative, image, offer, product will connect with your customers
  • How the web empowers you to take risk, learn from your mistakes quickly, unearth your competitor's strengths and weaknesses, listen to your customers and understand their behaviour like never before
  • How to change the way you think about online data
  • How to revolutionize your company's digital existence

Avinash is a brilliant strategist and is an expert in understanding how web analytics can be used to truly benefit a company. His ability to convey his philosophies with such enthusiasm make him a great speaker for any event.

- Fortune Interactive

Ron Tite

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Expert on Comedy & Creative Thinking

Tite has the right universal touch, handles physical comedy effortlessly and never heads for the bog to make his audiences laugh. We did. Here's a young man on the move, for all the right reasons.

- The Edmonton Journal

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