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Brand Measurement: Metrics & Analytics

Bestselling Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour a Day

  • How to become more data driven when it comes to your online marketing
  • How to take the guessing out of what creative, image, offer, product will connect with your customers
  • How the web empowers you to take risk, learn from your mistakes quickly, unearth your competitor's strengths and weaknesses, listen to your customers and understand their behaviour like never before
  • How to change the way you think about online data
  • How to revolutionize your company's digital existence


Avinash Kaushik is the co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Analytics Evangelist for Google.

Through his blog, Occam's Razor, and his best selling books, Web Analytics: An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0, Avinash has become recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers, executive teams and industry leaders can leverage data to fundamentally reinvent their digital existence.

Avinash puts a common sense framework around the often frenetic world of web analytics and combines that with the philosophy that investing in talented analysts is the key to long-term success. He passionately advocates customer centricity and leveraging bleeding edge competitive intelligence techniques.

Avinash has received rave reviews for bringing his energetic, inspiring, and practical insights to companies like Unilever, Dell, Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM, as well as delivering keynotes at a variety of global conferences, including Ad-Tech, Monaco Media Forum, iCitizen, JMP Innovators' Summit, MeasureUp and Web 2.0. He also lectures at major universities such as Stanford University, University of Virginia and University of Utah.

Avinash recently received the 2009 Statistical Advocate of the Year award from the American Statistical Association.

What people say about Avinash Kaushik

Avinash is a brilliant strategist and is an expert in understanding how web analytics can be used to truly benefit a company. His ability to convey his philosophies with such enthusiasm make him a great speaker for any event.

- Fortune Interactive


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